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Sensiplan - the best tested NFP method

Sensiplan® is a highly reliable natural family planning method in which the woman observes certain body signs that change over the course of her cycle. These are then analysed according to clear rules. The Pearl Index of 0.4 has been confirmed repeatedly in many medical studies.

A woman who knows how to interpret these signs knows when a pregnancy is possible and when it is not. Depending on whether or not she wants a child, she can have intercourse with her partner or be abstinent. The use of Sensiplan® requires the cooperation of both partners.

Interested women can learn the Sensiplan® method, which was developed by the Working Group NFP, individually or in small groups of four women max. - possibly with partners - on courses taught by qualified NFP counselors.

A course includes four to five meetings over three to four months. The rules, which are simple and easy to understand, are taught using a standard textbook.

The following topics are discussed and practised using the workbook "Natürlich und sicher" (Trias Verlag) and the women's own cycles:
1. Observing your body
2. The non-fertile days after ovulation
3. The non-fertile days at the beginning of the cycle
4. Types of cycle and particular life phases



Sensiplan is recognised by the German Society of Gynecological Endocrinology and Reproductive Medicine (DCGEF). Its numerous medical studies and over 120 publications are based on the largest cycle database worldwide with over 40,000 cycles.
The Sensiplan® method's Pearl Index is 0.4.

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Authors: Elena Werner, Petra Schenke