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NER Sympto-Thermal Method by Roetzer

Natural family planning ("Natürliche Empfängnisverhütung", NER) was developed by Dr. Joseph Roetzer, the 'father' of sympto-thermal methods, from 1951 onwards. Roetzer wrote several books on the topic. NER is recognised by the Catholic Church.

The sympto-thermal method according to Roetzer is based on the fact that only a few days in a woman's cycle are actually fertile. By observing the cervical mucus and measuring the basal body temperature, this fertile period is defined comparatively closely using a few rules. This can identify both the days in a cycle that are certainly non-fertile as well as the best time for conception. NER can be used in any life situation (breastfeeding, menopause, shift work...), nor are irregular cycles an obstacle. This method can either be self-taught using the textbook (see below) or learned on the courses offered by the Institut für Natürliche Empfängnisregelung Prof. Dr. med. Rötzer (INER) e.V. The institute also provides guidance and advice on this topic.




Recommended reading:

-Prof. Dr. med. Josef Rötzer: Natürliche Empfängnisregelung. Die sympto-thermale Methode – der partnerschaftliche Weg. 14,95 €; ISBN 3-451-23983-3
This book forms the foundation for learning NER; easy-to-follow guidance for putting NER into practice.

-Prof. Dr. med. Josef Rötzer, Elisabeth Rötzer: Die Frau und ihr persönlicher Zyklus: Von der Vorpubertät bis in die Wechseljahre. 16,- €; ISBN 978-3-9523645-0-5
More in-depth information on the sympto-thermal method for anyone wanting to engage with it more intensively.

-Elisabeth Rötzer, Ingrid Trobisch: Mit Freuden Frau sein. 15,95 €; ISBN 3-417-110750
The world bestseller on the topics of joyful sexuality, self-acceptance, NER and much more.

Karolin Wehler