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Lady-Comp fertility monitor review

Lady-Comp measures, records and analyses your basal body temperature after waking up. The indication green = non-fertile is 99.3% reliable.

The Lady-Comp method's high reliability has been proven in several independent clinical studies. Since 2010 the contraceptive monitor Lady-Comp has been officially recommended as a natural contraceptive by the Polish Gynecological Association among others.

The 6-day cycle predictor shows the next menstruation, ovulation and high-fertility days at the touch of a button and thus makes it possible to reliably plan or avoid a pregnancy.



Details of the cycle is available on screen and a download and print-out via the Lady-Comp manufacturers web-page.

Lady-Comp features at a glance::

More detailed information on the Lady-Comp method and in-depth advice and guidance on whether and if so, which Lady-Comp monitor is suitable for you is available from your local Lady-Comp distributor.