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Diaphragm Birth Control

These latex caps are inserted over the cervix prior to intercourse. When used in combination with spermicide they are comparatively reliable, and can be combined with almost every natural form of contraception.

Diaphragms are used comparatively rarely in Germany, but with practice they can be a relatively reliable form of contraception. In contrast to the Lea Contraceptivum, both diaphragms and FemCaps need to be fitted by a doctor or clinic, or a family planning or women's health centre. When used in combination with spermicide, the diaphragm can be inserted a maximum two hours before intercourse or during sex. It is only reliable if left in the vagina covering the cervix at least 8 hours (no more than 24 hours) after intercourse.

Advantages of the diaphragm

Disadvantages of the diaphragm