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Comparison of monitors for conception

A detailed comparison of fertility monitors specifically developed for couples planning a pregnancy.

Fertility monitors analyse cyclical changes in a woman's body and show her fertile days.

Fertility monitors measure either a woman's basal body temperature or the amount of the relevant sexual hormones (LH and E3G) in her urine - both methods provide an objectively measurable indication of a woman's current fertility. With Cyclotest, the results of either a urine test or a cervical mucus analysis can also be entered. After the analysis is complete, fertility monitors show whether the woman is fertile (=red) or non-fertile (=green) for the next 24 hours.

Comparison ofClearbluecyclotestLady-Comp baby
Pearl Index (1)6 (4)1 to 3 (4)0.7 (5)
Shows ovulationyesyesyes
Certified as a contraceptivenonono
Suitable for pregnancy planningyesyesyes
What is analysed?urine (6)temperature + test (7)temperature
When is the measurement taken?in the morningin the morning (8)in the morning (8)
Where is the measurement taken?on the toiletin bed + toiletin bed
How long does measuring take?5+ minutes1 min + test1 minute
When is fertility shown?after 5 minutesat onceat once
How often is the measurement taken?12 x per cycledaily until after ovulationdaily if possible
Identifies days of high fertility1 to 5yes5 days
Identifies non-fertile days at the beginning of the cyclefrom the sixth cycle onwardsfrom the sixth cycle onwardsfrom the first cycle onwards
Suitable for cycles of21-42 daysup to 46 days100+ days
Use after pill / pregnancyafter 2+ cyclesfrom first menstruationat once
Shows previous cycles6 cycles99 days360 days
Cycle data saved6 months12 months (9)20 years (10)
Cycle prediction1 to 2 days (11)current cyclethe next 6 days
Integrated alarm clocknoyesyes
Period of measurement6 hours exactly (12)4 hours exactly (12)6 hours (variable) (13)
Start usingat beginning of cycleat beginning of cycleat any time
Initial cost (14)100 €189 €595 €
Consumption per month10+ test sticks5 ovulation tests0.06 kWh electricity
Cost per month (14)14 €13 €0 €
Total cost after 1 year268 €354 €595 €
Total cost after 3 years604 €666 €596 €
Total cost after 7 years1,276 €1,290 €597 €

Notes on the footnotes:
  1. clearblue .com/de/ clearblue-fertilitatsmonitor.php
  2. cyclotest .de/Glossar.169.0.html
  3. The Pearl Index is the number of unplanned pregnancies if 100 women use a method correctly for one year.
  4. Manufacturer information
  5. Independent Clinical Studies
  6. In addition to the daily temperature readings either the results of a cervical mucus analysis or the results of the urine analysis test sticks can be entered.
  7. Temperature is always taken following the longest period of uninterrupted sleep, undisturbed by e.g. fever, infections, alcohol consumed the previous evening, less than 5h sleep.
  8. The data are automatically deleted if no measurement is taken for longer than 99 days. Only the individual average temperature is saved.
  9. The key data of a cycle such cycle length and day of ovulation.
  10. The next menstruation
  11. The measurement period is set by the time of the first reading of the cycle.
  12. The time the measurement is taken can be changed at any time.
  13. Recommended price of the manufacturer.
  14. Including software to save cycle data to a Windows computer. Not suitable for Macintosh.
  15. Current market price 20 September 2012.