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A buyer's guide for fertility monitors

A list of useful tips on what to look out for when buying a fertility or contraception monitor.

This checklist helps you to compare the different products on offer prior to purchase. If you are looking for individual guidance on which natural contraception method is best for you, please select TioraNat Compass.

Finding the right fertility monitor for you

  1. What is analysed?
  2. How is the reading taken?
  3. Where is the reading taken?
  4. How often per cycle are readings taken?
  5. How long does measuring take?
  6. How reliable is the fertility monitor?
  7. Are independent clinical studies available?
  8. Is the monitor certified for contraception (medical product EG-direction 93/42 EWG)?
  9. Can it handle irregular cycles of varying lengths?
  10. Does it calculate how your cycle is likely to progress in the coming days?
  11. How long is its average lifetime?
  12. Are there regular follow-up costs?

Choosing the seller

  1. Is the seller officially recommended by the manufacturer?
  2. Do you have a 14-day right of return?
  3. Do they offer a 2-year full guarantee or only a warranty?
  4. Do they offer to set up the monitor for you?

Testing the quality of customer service

  1. Have you been in touch with your seller's customer service?
  2. Did you note down the consultant's name, telephone number and e-mail?
  3. Did they offer to discuss questions about your cycle before the sale?
  4. Were you given any tips for your own cycle?

After-sales services

  1. Who will advise you if you have questions about or problems with the device or your cycle?
  2. How much does personal guidance for the duration of use cost?
  3. Does your seller offer a professional cycle analysis?
  4. How much do these cycle analyses cost?
  5. Does your seller supply spare parts?
  6. Does your seller handle repairs and guarantee issues?

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have further questions!