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Cycle lab for natural family planning

Get pregnant naturally

Many couples dream of children. Some nature ask for patience. Others despair and seek advice.
Not everyone has the time to listen and understand. Fertility counselors take their time. They listen. They support, give advice and insights on how to recognize fertile days and ovulation even in difficult cycles to become pregnant naturally.

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Avoid pregnancy naturally

You are looking for a natural alternative to the pill. A first step is often done with an app, fertility monitor or online forum around the menstrual cycle. Getting started is easy - but then the questions come. You grow uncertain, do not trust your method anymore.
Some give up in frustration. Many seek solutions and advice.

Fertility counselors listen, analyze your situation and give individual answers on how to avoid an unplanned pregnancy save and natural. You will know exactly your fertility status, when to apply barrier methods and when to relax especially when the evaluation seems difficult.

Contact us: info@tioranat.com

Calculating fertile days

There are several methods for calculating a woman's fertile days. Here are the most important facts, rules and methods:

Natural methods

Overview of natural methods and their reliability to avoid a pregnancy.

Comparison of hormone monitors

A detailed comparison of the hormone monitors Clearblue and Persona which are designed to analyse the fertile days to plan a pregnancy naturally.